I have recently completed an MA in composition at Bath Spa University, gaining a distinction. Much of the music I have written has been informed and inspired by the tidal movements, rhythms and forces of water in estuaries. I have also been exploring ways of framing, referencing or manipulating time and reiteration in order to refocus attention.


I play the accordion and tuba, performing solo and in various ensembles and have been writing music for my own performances as well as theatre and cabaret events. I have been touring with the Ramshacklicious show, Band At The End Of The World for which I wrote some of the music.






Participation and collaboration are important themes through my work. I have worked for many years as an artist and musician in (predominantly Early Years) education and am constantly inspired by the lateral thinking and connections that are made whilst children are engaged in a creative process. 


Having studied at art college towards the end of the last century, I set up a shared studio with a group of fellow artists where I painted and exhibited, exploring abstraction and landscape. I realise that, despite the years that have since passed, I am still working with the same themes;- landscape, permanence, and visual and aural language! – only now in another medium. I presented work at the ASLE UKI conference at Plymouth University in September 2019 as part of a panel looking at writing in response to place.

with Melinda Maxwell

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"The highlight of the night is the musical score which has been devised by cast member Richard Hughes.  He provides accompaniment using a variety of instruments including an accordion, tuba and even two pairs of scissors."
Carl Martin Fraser - Music OHM
(review for "The Tragic And Disturbing Tale Of Little Lupin" at Bristol's Old Vic)